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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we are going to be in the 50's, maybe near 60, head of the storm. that will raise questions about what kind of precipitation. snow, sleet, freezing rain? in the beginning, all of that stuff will fall. on monday, and of cold air will come in that it will change the snow. the best chance for accumulating snow, the way that we see it now, will be the district. we should be out of here by late monday night or tuesday morning. temperatures now are very cold. only in the 20's. our average high is 50's. we will be short of that tonight. overnight temperatures, look at this, in the mid 40's for the day tomorrow. 49 foreign average high. cooler than that on sunday. showers developing late in the day. overnight, sunday into monday.
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more possibilities of what kinds of reciprocation are likely. we will do that in just a couple of minutes. >> ok. thank you. when doug is not on, you can check the storm track anytime of the day by following the app or following us on twitter. >> more charges possible for five people accused of shooting out a car window. two men were arrested. two juveniles are facing charges. they were all arrested last friday. officers found him driving through the area. hit inan 100 cars were centreville. through thegoing neighborhoods shooting a bb gun a parked cars. of thee the beginning year, homicides had surged up past the number we had at this time last year. the latest crimes involve two teenagers. many people are rattled tonight.
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tom? >> a lot of folks are getting concerned about this. things had come so far in a positive direction in the past few years. this is the amount of, sites we saw last year. 12. this year, 21. twice as much. folks are getting concerned. two teenagers were murdered in washington dc in just over three hours. the first happened just after 5:00 p.m. jonathan adams was stabbed inside this building, then stumbled across the street before collapsing on the sidewalk. >> that young man had a life before him. >> this is an area with many older residents who are not used to this. >> you normally see older people out here socializing, listening to music, and stuff like that. >> the second murder yesterday happened around 8:30 on j
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street. dickerson was shot and killed. one mother who asked not to be identified said there are scores of kids in the area. >> it is just scary when you have that think to yourself, i have to get out of washington dc . i do not want my kids to grow up here. >> dolores is a d.c. native. >> they have cleaned it up. >> but now she and others a word about the spike and the number of murders and that the latest of them are not solved. >> people do not want to talk anymore. it is really a shame. >> we have been trying to get a response from d.c. police today. have not gotten too much in the way of a nations afar. one spokesperson said they do not have an explanation at this point as to why the homicides
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are up more than this time last year. >> thank you. a mother is fighting to get medical marijuana approved in the state. it is for her three-year-old twin boys who are battling epilepsy. bureau chief, brad bell, is live with the story. >> they are working on decriminalizing, actually legalizing marijuana for recreational use. this woman is not interested in that. all she wants is to keep her twins alive. shannon never imagined she would be lobbying for a cause. but then her twins were born with a severe warm of epilepsy. i cannot walk, talk, or eat without a feeding tube. shannon says they are running out of time. >> they said we have to choose between quality and quantity of life. >> shannon is not ready to make
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that choice. especially,ause, medical marijuana seems to be saving the lives of children like nicolas and byron. this woman starter, charlotte, has become the poster child for the tragic use of cannabis to treat epilepsy. she began giving her daughter and oil extracted from pot. that was 300 seizures she did not have that first week from the first dose. >> it was renamed charlotte's web. for her boysthis in maryland, but it is not legal. in annapolis at press conferences telling her story and hopes that politicians will listen. >> we want to interrupt brad's report. the president is speaking about the situation in the ukraine. the crisis, we
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have been clear that the ukrainian people do the opportunity to determine their own fate. we have urged an end to the violence and encourage them to pursue a course in which they are stabilizing their country, and moving to elections this spring. i spoke several days ago with president putin. we have been in daily communication with russian officials. we have made clear that we can be part of an international effort to support a united ukraine moving forward, which is not only in support of the ukraine, but also in russia's interest. byare now deeply concerned reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside the ukraine. russia has a historic history with them. any violation of ukraine's
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sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interest of ukraine, russia, or europe. these matters must he determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence, sovereignty, and choices of the ukraine and international laws. it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world, and indeed, the united states will stand with the international community in supporting that there would be costs for any military action in the ukraine. this has reminded us how difficult democracy can be in a country with deep divisions. human beings have a universal right to determine their own
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future. right now, the situation remains fluid. vice president biden just spoke with prime minister -- the prime minister of ukraine to assure him that in this difficult moment the united states supports his government's everts and stands for sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the democratic future of the ukraine. i also commend the ukrainian government's restraint. we will continue to communicate with our european allies. we will continue to communicate directly with the russian government. we will continue to keep all of you in the press court and the american people informed. thank you very much. obama there, coming out in response to reports of russian intervention in the ukraine, saying that any intervention by russia on the territory of the ukraine would
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be de-stabilizing. he is saying he is going to keep an eye on the situation. >> he said the ukrainian people deserve the right to determine their own people. we will monitor the situation throughout the evening. we want to turn back to turn back the local news tonight. new developments over what some are calling a potential crisis. home health care. at issue? whether a crackdown on fraud could hurt patients and employees. live outside a home health care business, where employees are gathering on this issue in just minutes. sam? >> they have set a meeting time for 5:30. the head of the company just walked in just now. and they wanted me to do. want to do. they have hundreds of employees, mainly african immigrants, who
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might not get paid because the company's funds i've been cut off by the city. they are scrambling to find new providers for the patients, but are wondering, at this point, whether it would be as hard as they originally thought because of questions about the members. >> shannon never imagined she would be lobbying for class. alonso has a home health aide who claims for him and helped him bathed. >> he sweeps the floor. he keeps everything nice and neat for me. ultra health care was among four agencies raided last week. the feds took everything. no one here was arrested, unlike the other companies. off payments to them. that means no pay for thousands of workers. oure deserve to know
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economic future, so we continue to be of service. >> they said whitney tried to locate the patient of the companies a could find only 711. nearly half wanted to continue having a home health care aid. we spoke with a direct or phone who said it is suspicious. administrator insist that the company is honest. cut off going to medicaid payments to the company. >> if we are this angry, and we are this organize, why we weep put ourselves at risk of being criminally incarcerated, or whatever may happen if we do commit a crime. the federaln government got interested in investigating this is because a
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number of home health care 4000, sixoared from years ago, to more than 10,000 now. the costs of the patients have tripled. at this point, they are planning a meeting here, and according to the company, they want to organize their people. they plan a massive protest outside the offices of d.c. health officials next week good reporting live from washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> dozens of people out of their homes after an overnight i are in springfield. the fire had some residents dropping their children through second-story windows. we are on the scene with what happened. jeff? >> it was a scary night for people living here. the fire started last night in this area. people are walking into this building with smoke masks over their mouths.
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they have been displaced from the apartment building last night. the cause of the fire was accidental. discardedt was smoking material that caught fire on the carpets of the stairwell. the sign on the door gives some indication of the danger that struck here and the fear that followed. >> oh my god. it was really bad. >> she was sleeping with an loud knock woke her up at 10:30. >> it was on fire. >> the fire started the building next door. that they could black smoke came out. carla heard the screams for help. >> we heard the screams, help, help. >> when they ran outside, they looked up to a scary sight. scared.body was >> adults were waiting to catch
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the children safely. >> everybody was scared. >> fairfax county firefighters rushed to the scene, putting the fire out in 25 minutes. residents did all they could to stay warm in the bitter cold night. to the red cross, 53 people were impacted. many were first taken to a school, then to a nearby hotel for the night. many of them were shaken. >> never seen something like that before. >> the dough is closed here. some of the folks have gone inside, with the smoke masks to gather some material. they told me a few moments ago that they are in hotels until monday. they're glad they're being taken care of. five people had to be transported to a fairfax county hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the monetary damage is estimated at ready thousand dollars. how he wasan asked
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doing said, the children are scared, but we are doing ok. >> thank you, jeff. wanted criminal. you'll never guess what this guy is wanted for. >> fears of mudslides and , as no continue still fall. i see an amazing rescue, coming up. >> arabica but a damper on the oscars. preparations are underway. rain could put a damper on
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droght-stricken california now under a rainstorm. areh or a county areas closed because of possible rockslides. evacuations have helped about 2000 homes in the suburbs. we're are waiting for the storm to help us. we are dealing with changing
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temperatures, in the meantime. finding out about what has felt like a forever winter. >> we will share only the clean words, leon. do not go tied with wet hair today. if that is for sure. you can see with the temperatures have done to this shirt. is the opportunity to answer this question. you have heard from meteorologists. we wanted to hear from you. >> i think you are probably going to have to bleep a lot of stuff. we are extremely sick of winter, at this point. >> i am sick. i am ill. i am ill. california, as
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well. we are not used to this. we hit the time teens of a last day of february was 1934. >> in theory, it will get better. surrounded by shadow preserved snow. fingertip freezing air. he has five more hours to go. >> cold today. he it is really cold. but work is work. i have no choice. keep it going. >> he does not count. he is going skiing in colorado. good thing. because winter is not done with us yet. march 25 last year we had snow. there is more coming. more is coming sunday.
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a lot of people are cheering on bringing on springtime. i will be sure to get your dress shirt and t-shirt back to you. [laughter] >> that is all right, girl. he you can keep them. >> an interesting mix coming our way for monday. it will eventually turn to snow before we get to monday. it is well. look at the graphics. these are some of the wildest pictures we have seen. i will show you on the map. first, this is great falls, virginia. this beautiful day. except the temperatures. only the 20's for highs. tonight, it will get colder. 11 to 12 degrees. 22 degrees and upper marlboro.
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some weather in single numbers. in the 20's, north and west of town. after the sun goes down, everybody will drop quickly. overnight rains and temperatures, 11 to 20 degrees. we are looking at the cold air. we are also looking out west to what is happening with the storm center. in advance of that, the national weather service already issued winter storm watches. that is stretching back into the mi and again, the storm is still way back in california. we saw a push of warm air. this is a warm front showing up. it will be in the 40's tomorrow. probably around 50 on sunday. south of washington, in the mid to upper 50's. all the warm air before we get out west. that is the storm center.
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good 500 miles or more off the coast of southern california. a huge circulation. that is pushing rain through california, through nevada, and into southwest sections of utah. the windst 48 hours, will grab the energy in circulation and pull it all eastward across the country. it's going to be about time he gets here, as it makes the trip. pull a lot of moisture off the gulf of mexico. what are the temperatures going to be here? warm enough to be rain? cold enough to be snow? a transition? or a mix? we know it will be warm sunday evening. temperatures expected to start falling during the day on monday. the exact track is up in the air.
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when will enter the system to provide the precipitation. what will it look like? who will get what, and how much? we will not have a clear-cut answer to that until later in the weekend when the storm gets closer. by early on monday morning, the rain will start to change to freezing rain and sleet in the metro areas, as the colder air moves in. that pattern will continue throughout the day, before it ends. the possibility of snow for monday. 45 degree temperatures tomorrow. if you degree temperatures on monday. again, i think the big story on the storm on monday will be the farther north will be colder air. snow more predominant. the farther south, the more likely a mix of rain and sleet. the metro area is stuck in the middle. what will we get?
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all of the above is the proper answer. rain, sleet, snow. >> that will make that one guy who says he loves winter happy. 7 on your side get some answers from the d.c. dmv.
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>> as you likely know, hollywood is getting ready to honor the best and brightest of 2013. >> producers have promised an exciting show this year. brandy is joining us from a soggy red carpet. >> it is busy right here. you can see oscar over my shoulder. he is all covered up, and so is the red carpet. it it is pouring rain and hollywood. tentsre working under the
5:29 pm
trying to do preparation. a lot of people do not believe the weather will put a damper on the oscar excitement. the red carpet is out. the countdown is on to hollywood's biggest night. annual academy awards. gravity and american hustle lead the pack. they are followed by 12 years a slave. there is also dallas buyers club. and the wolf of wall street. >> i would give the edge to 12 years a slave. but you cannot overlook gravity. it it is incredible. >> a lot of people asked what i will be wearing. at the question is what will i not be wearing, right? funny, but shes doesn't take cheap shots at actors. >> the show's producers are
5:30 pm
promising some surprises. will be surprises like dancing, who knows? >> there are the highly anticipated fashion choices on the oscar red carpet. wolfgang puck is preparing 50 dishes for the governor's ball after the simmering. >> something more modern. something exciting. it is really a royal feast. >> 1300 bottles of champagne. it is raining right now. the good news is that the weather is expected to clear up just in time for the ceremony on sunday evening. reporting live in hollywood, abc 7 news. that there issing no chance the baby will be named oscar. any chance? no? >> we don't know if it is a boy or girl, but i have a feeling, it will not be named oscar. [laughter] >> beautiful.
5:31 pm
thank you so much. >> good luck. we will see you soon. watch the redto carpet special tonight right here on abc 7. >> they will break down the categories and have some predictions of their own. here's a sneak the. >> the critic says that matthew mcconaughey will actually w in. >> they will have a special celebrity guest on. they will tie you how to throw the perfect oscars party. it is all tonight at 8:00, followed by shark tank, 2020, and abc 7 news at 11:00. >> somebody has an unhealthy obsession with matthew mcconaughey. he put his hand in the wrong cookie jar. see the rest. >> how the number of nightmares a child has could indicate
5:32 pm
medical problems later in life. >> police say the man
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--crimes. >> you are watching abc seven news. they busted to men for robberies. >> officers say that the group could be responsible for up to a dozen other robberies. the most violent crime was at a
5:35 pm
cvs store. >> violent and reason. they barked orders. they proved they were not afraid to pull the trigger. police say that these are the man responsible for terrorizing local businesses. on wednesday, the trio, wearing black and wielding guns, tried robbing a cvs. was locked. the employee with a key lock himself in the office. >> it is a miracle that the employee did not get struck a around. >> it is wild. >> the group, seen in a photo, were in a station. >> they took off in a getaway car. evidence found at their homes might link them to other robberies, like this mid february hold up at the liquor
5:36 pm
store. >> that should send a warning to anybody else that has any idea of robbing anything, that you will be caught. you will not get away in prince george's county. doubt that they would have continued robbing additional businesses. we cannot be happier to have them off of the streets, hopefully, for a long time. >> three of the accused men live here in prince george's county. police are saying that the two younger than men have seen a jail cell monday of times before. i am kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> a woman training to become a nun is accused of killing her newborn son. she pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter. she gave earth in october 1 week after she moved in.
5:37 pm
she smothered the baby because she didn't want anyone to know she was pregnant. she will be sentenced in may. >> here's a look at today's top stories. some local health-care workers are meeting. this crackdown is going to impact employees and patients. the fbi raided this health-care company and a dozen other businesses. the government is cutting him medicaid payments to the company and other companies that are suspicious. that means no pay for thousands of workers. they plan to organize a protest. >> president obama delivered a statement about the crisis in the ukraine. you watched it right here. the president called in russia to pull back military forces. thatdent obama warned there would be cause for military intervention. rebecca cooper is following the latest developments and will have much more on this coming up at 6:00 tonight. to getther is fighting
5:38 pm
medical marijuana approved in the state of maryland. she says that it will help her twin boys who are battling severe epilepsy. colorado gave this to her daughter and says it helped with her seizures. >> time now to check on the traffic situation tonight. here's the traffic center with the details on this friday. hi, bob. >> a couple of problems on i-95 in maryland southbound at the 212 grade there was a crash that should be out of the roadway now. still, a lot of volume. in college park, plenty of volume there, as well. very slow heading out toward centreville. routeh on 123, south of 50. that is in the process of clearing. i-95 south from springfield just some volume delays. here is some traffic now.
5:39 pm
if you can see the volume headed away from us on the inner loop. westbound 66 headed and out toward centreville. all little bit of volume out there, as well. have a great weekend. >> you too. thank you so much. trying to save a beloved bagel shop in alexandria. accused ofnnedy driving while drunk. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nian leaf...
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>> 7 on your side. three in four children experience nightmares. there is a new study showing that frequent nightmares are risk ofo an increase schizophrenia and other health problems. who had nightmares on a regular basis were 3.5 times more likely to suffer from psychosis in later life. alerttoday's consumer
5:43 pm
more about the worst customer experience. they ranked each store based on what each fe person thought about the product, and lail. the worst customer experiences warmer. people are not happy with a lot of drugstores. rite aid. cvs. walgreens. and coming up last macy's. >> he is accused of trying to rob a girl scout. s reaction.rl scout' >> seeking answers about the situation at the dmv.
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>> earlier today a new york jury found kerry kennedy not guilty of driving while impaired. she took a sleeping pill by accident and did not realize she was falling asleep behind the wheel. she sideswiped a tractor-trailer. she says she does not remember
5:47 pm
the crash. wasattorney says she singled out any misdemeanor case like this that usually does not go to trial. the prosecutors deny that and say they will respect the verdict. onwe have been reporting problems getting to get refunds from the d.c. dmv. we started asking quesons. chris matthews was there to get some answers of his own. >> it has not been easy to get timely answers. today, the dmv director had to answer the questions. and then after, she answered some of hours. wednesday a report about a computer glitch causing thousands of dollars in refunds, some dating back five years to go unpaid, had everyone looking for answers. 400 tickets are being refunded. >> you do not know if there's a office, theess your
5:48 pm
staff, the media, unless something brings it to our attention. >> during the meeting, frustrated motorists discussed long delays in trying to get tickets resolved. these issues we have been reporting on for over one year. there's is a backlog of over two years. the director stood by the waitm, insisting people tha out the process. >> it is too long to wait. ticketed for does a being a street sweeping sign in november. it says it is not in effect in november. his initial challenge was denied by a dmv examiner. i am not going to stand in
5:49 pm
front of you and say that i know what every street sign says. i do not make blanket statements. >> do all stop signs say stop. know.o not i have not looked at all stop signs. >> they're looking at a plan that could cut the appeal backlog to just 90 days by the end of the year. they're looking at legislation to reform the ticket adjudication system. ok, thank you very much for that. to california girl scouts prove that they were tough cookies after they help track down a thief co. this man stole be scouts donation jar. they rode down the number. if they called police. the officer was looking for them because he had two outstanding warrants. they went to his home. they arrested him. these girl scouts had a message
5:50 pm
for any cookie monsters. >> do not mess with girl scouts. buyhe money was supposed to cookies for military personnel overseas. it is a program known as operation thin mint. >> he got what he deserved. >> he sure did. those thin lead mints on the porch tonight. they taste good frozen. >> a lot going on, weatherwise. >> a meteorological spring tomorrow, for what that is worth. not so much. let's get started. it is cold right now. 20's across the board. 29 and reagan national airport. cold with a breeze. 14 in manassas. 20 degrees in downtown washington. 15-18 degrees.
5:51 pm
these southhe fit of washington. -- 50's south of washington. winter storm watch is being posted all the way east to western maryland and western pennsylvania. the storm system is going to start with rain. we know that. it looks like it will probably change the mix of sleet and snow, in the morning hours. it will be out of here by late monday night. that leaves a lot of unanswered questions, like exactly how much stuff are we going to get? it is a one-day deal. after that, the weather will still be cold. but the sunshine will return. >> thank you, doug. we will see you soon. >> we needed. -- need it. we are in the grips of a cold snap.
5:52 pm
you can see the mets. there is a pop fly from the left. diving catch. good. let's move to the top of the fifth. ready for the season opener. come on home. seven with theon r.b.i. drives this one over everybody headed center field. triple.olson with a with a triple. a lot of this stems from the pitching staff. more from the spring training camp in florida. rotation may be, on paper, the best in baseball. >> it is such an honor for me. >> the personalities range from
5:53 pm
to atra-serious strasburg gregarious gonzalez, often pointed to as the clubhouse comedian. pay of all these people with all their comments. it is just about keeping it loose and having fun. theashington has four of top pitchers in baseball over the last three seasons. >> some of the great teams in the history of baseball, they were in the playoffs. we have not done that yet h. >> we have to do our job. that is why we are here. >> get a fly down there. >> they are in the sunshine in florida. >> i know. >> it looked nice there. >> coming up next -- [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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>> a community is rallying behind a bagel shop, after the lease was cut short. after decades of serving breakfast in alexandria. they are now closing because they want to. here is the story. >> thank you. what flavor you want? what kind of cheese do want? >> it has been around longer than some of the customers, almost 30 years. >> it is not like mcdonald's or subway. has been her shop good to hang out since freshman year. it is a mom and pop place. we need more of those. >> on adults, as well, offensive back and enjoy a bagel with a crossword puzzle.
5:58 pm
monday, they will be closed. with a year left on the release, they were told they have to be out in 30 days. storempany says that this struggled to meet the obligations as a tenant. unfortunately, despite be sincere and best efforts of all involved, this is no longer possible for us is the owner of the center. he says they paid rent on time, and he can prove it. we are finding a place to move. >> this couple has been coming here since before their baby was born. it was one of the few places she could eat without getting sick. sometimes we cannot even eat here because the linus is so long. it does not make sense at all. >> so far they have collected 2500 signatures.
5:59 pm
they were supposed to close tonight, but they're going to open throughout the weekend. tomorrow a protest is expected. one last attempt. >> we will have to see how that turns out. thank you. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now with breaking news. >> live from the broadcast center, this is abc seven breaking news. >> breaking news tonight, stern message from president obama, in which he wants russia to keep its troops out of the ukraine. more on that, in a moment. what toe preparing for be a significant winter storm that could arise by the end of the weekend. our chief meteorologist here with details on the storm. >> you see the storm off the coast of california, headed this
6:00 pm
way. what we do not know yet is what it will look like. snow, sleet, freezing rain? or a combination? here, it is cold. will get all the rain being pushed eastward. that is coming right out of the pacific ocean. going eastern across the country. it will bring more moisture throughout the gulf of mexico. all eyes are on monday and will happen. in advance of that, all of those areas of dark luke, from kansas to maryland are on a stormwatch, in advance of the storm. the exact track of it is unknown. when will the cold air get hold into the system? that means, what kind of precipitation are we going to see? the weekend will be special. 40's tomorrow with some sunshine. sunday 50's. then monday. then the storm.


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